More About Me

Hello, I’m Elise, and I’m eleven years old. I got my first Raspberry Pi for my eighth birthday, and since then, I have started to program and get into STEM activities across the community. Now, I give presentations about why I think girls should be encouraged to program, and what is putting them off, as well as gender-neutral workshops around the country. My most recent was MozFest, in October 2016, but soon I will be co-presenting a talk with Joshua Lowe at the Derbyshire Computing Conference, as well as giving my workshop on Sonic Pi. My inspirations are: Carrie-Anne Philbin, leader of the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Education Mission; Amy Mather, @MiniGirlGeek; Yasmin Bey, previous Digital Girl of the Year, and Cerys Lock, current Digital Girl. 

Thank you for reading my website, if you would like to contact me, please use the Question Time page, or directly via Twitter (my handle is @Girls2Geeks).

Elise 🙂


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