#RJamboree 2017

On Saturday, in Manchester, there was an amazing event in Manchester called the Raspberry Jamboree. This ‘unconference’ highlighted the Raspberry Pi computer and some of the great things people have been getting up to with it. An ‘unconference’ is a conference-style event, but people register to speak on the day. I presented two talks, the first was on the ‘Girl Geek Community’ and the second was some live demonstrations of Sonic Pi. Over the course of the day, I attended workshops and talks, including Gemma Laytham’s punch card reader workshop, in which we could poke holes out of the cards with a ‘pokeything’ (actually a skewer 😂) and then feed them through homemade punch card readers to make images in Minecraft. I thought this was a brilliant idea, and one that had obviously had a lot of thought put into it. Another workshop was Alan O’Donohoe’s Scratch Racing workshop, another great idea. After that, I went to Cerys Lock’s talk, which was engaging and interesting. It was amazing to see how much she’s got up to in the last year! You can find her on Twitter @RPi_Stuff or visit her website rpistuff.mrprintit.co.uk


I’ve heard that this is going to be an annual event: I genuinely hope so, it was amazing, all the things I love rolled into one: tech, learning and fun!

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