Derbyshire Computing Conference

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a conference in Derbyshire with @all_about_code and @MaryMagsPiClub, to give a presentation on Computing In Primary Schools, and also to repeat my workshop from MozFest (see the blog post for a link to the video!). This was an event for teachers, predominantly from primary schools, to come along and receive ideas and learn new skills. I loved this conference, and speaking to different teachers and hearing their stories was definitely my favourite part. This is an annual event, so if you are a teacher, I would advise you to try your best to get there! I hope it carries on for years to come! Thanks to @SwayGrantham for this amazing opportunity!

Elise 🙂


I think we need a catchup…

Hello everyone,

I’m so sorry I’ve not been on my blog for ages – there’s just been so much going on! However, remember that I’m on Twitter @Girls2Geeks, whenever I can be. So, I think I need to give you an update on everywhere I’ve been lately. In the next few posts, I’ll go into more detail.

Elise 😉