Mary MagsPi Club

Another amazing club in the north west of England is the Mary MagsPi Club. Although I have blogged about them before, they have done so much since! All of the multi-talented fast-learning children who participate are not confined to Raspberry Pi, and are quickly extending their knowledge to Codebug, the micro:bit, Crumble, Bloxels and various HATs (just to name a few!). Recently, in the new school year, we have had plenty of new members, all of whom have quickly got involved. While I am writing this, they’ve started on the CodeBug. I can already hear cries of, “this is too easy!” Six weeks ago, they would never had thought that they would be able to program their own video games, and it was obvious in their apprehensive faces that they were excited but nervous. Already they have learnt how to bounce back at the challenges Pi Club throws at them. It shows exactly what the Raspberry Pi can do to you! Anyway, you can find the Mary MagsPi Club website here: or follow them on Twitter @MaryMagsPiClub


Elise 😉


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