O2 Joggler – Help Needed!

Recently, I was given an O2 Joggler, which I am very grateful for. The last time it was used, it apparently worked fine, but when I first plugged it in, the screen went white and it had random blotches which gradually got darker. The next day it seemed to do the same, but 15 minutes later it went to the normal O2 screen, which defies my theory that the screen was broken. However, it does not seem to be getting any further than that. I have tried it with a USB stick burned with Linux Mint, and without, but I have heard that it needs to reach the O2 OS before it can boot from something else. I have also tried booting it from the network. Does anyone have a solution or some advice? If you do, I would be so thankful.
Elise 🙂


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