Ever thought that Python is just too hard? Ever been experimenting with the Cam Jam Edukit and wondered, “is there an easier way to do this?” Well now there is, in the form of EduPython, an easy to use Python module specifically designed for the three Cam Jam Edukits by @all_about_code

It makes controlling robotics and sensors easier, because rather than having to use long commands you just need one command for each action.

To get it, type in on your Raspberry Pi’s Terminal:

sudo pip3 install edupy

Or go to:!edupython/qlvjq




Raspberry Pi Zero gets new feature!

For a while now, there have been rumours that the highly-demanded Raspberry Pi Zero is going to be released again… but with a new feature! Until 9:00 am this morning (16th May) the general public had no idea what this was going to be. Early this morning Eben Upton, one of the founders of Raspberry Pi, posted on the Raspberry Pi blog. It turns out that the Pi Zero second generation is going to be kitted out with one of its most sought-after features: a camera connector! Read more about it on the Raspberry Pi blog: