My Car Stereo Project

Hello everyone! I have a new idea sprouting in my mind for a car stereo – powered by a Raspberry Pi! I would need plenty of ideas for this, but before I can build it in to an old car or MOT failure, I would get the programming sorted out. I love Land Rovers, so I would like to build some features of the newer Land Rover tech into my system, such as Bluetooth and a touchscreen. Please help! I need your ideas for:

  • A way to get a Raspberry Pi connected to Bluetooth Audio on an iPhone (RPi 3 or a dongle on a Pi 2)
  • A website that sells cheap touchscreens for a Raspberry Pi
  • Help on connecting a CD reader to a RPi
  • In the future, possibly a project car that’s cheap, and doesn’t work (it doesn’t even need an engine – as long as it’s cheap)

This project is likely to take a couple of years and plenty of support 😀


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