Astro Pi

Whenever I’m on a Raspberry Pi, I love to use the Sense HAT. But I need some ideas for projects to make on it! I want big! I want something different! I want something worthy of sending into space! (I know I want doesn’t get, but I’m hoping it will today!) Please tweet or comment with ideas. Happy coding!




TinkerCAD, a model-designing software, is now out! Does anyone know how I can get hold of it, or if it is any match to my current favourite, Google SketchUp? Also, has anyone entered the Astro Pi case competition?

Elise 🙂

Sonic Pi

Hello everyone! I’ve just been messing around with Sonic Pi, an app that comes pre-downloaded on the Raspberry Pi, and thought I would give you some help on how to download it if you haven’t already got it. Here’s a link to the Sonic Pi website: Enjoy!

Elise 🙂

A Little Bit Further!

I have got a little bit further with my car stereo system thanks to help with research from All About Code (@all_about_code) and Yasmin Bey (RPi_Yaz14) who are both on Twitter. If anyone has any ideas please tweet me or comment on this post.

Elise 🙂

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Be sure to have a look at some Easter projects on Scratch here: and maybe even make some projects of your own! Please comment or tweet me links to your projects if you’ve shared them. I am particularly keen to see projects on a Raspberry Pi or Arduino that use LEDs or different sensors, that have a connection with the physical world.

Elise 🙂

My Car Stereo Project

Hello everyone! I have a new idea sprouting in my mind for a car stereo – powered by a Raspberry Pi! I would need plenty of ideas for this, but before I can build it in to an old car or MOT failure, I would get the programming sorted out. I love Land Rovers, so I would like to build some features of the newer Land Rover tech into my system, such as Bluetooth and a touchscreen. Please help! I need your ideas for:

  • A way to get a Raspberry Pi connected to Bluetooth Audio on an iPhone (RPi 3 or a dongle on a Pi 2)
  • A website that sells cheap touchscreens for a Raspberry Pi
  • Help on connecting a CD reader to a RPi
  • In the future, possibly a project car that’s cheap, and doesn’t work (it doesn’t even need an engine – as long as it’s cheap)

This project is likely to take a couple of years and plenty of support 😀

Celebrate the Weather! ☀️

Happy Easter weekend everyone! The weather’s beautiful, but you feel like staying inside and doing something geeky? Try mixing the two together, and make a Sense HAT temperature reader, to use indoors and out. All you need is:

  • A Sense HAT
  • A Raspberry Pi

Either you can type in the code below, have a look in more detail at the Raspberry Pi website here: – or if you’re especially sneaky, you can just copy and paste the code into Python (if you look at the Raspberry Pi website, it goes through getting started with the Sense HAT LEDs).